The Düdingen project

The energy provider Groupe E is conducting a district heating project in the community of Düdingen (FR). The new heating plant is a model facility in which innovative energy generation technology is used. The facility is used by Groupe E as a showroom for its activities in the area of renewable energy. The architecture of the building has also been designed with this objective in mind: a glass band runs along the bottom third of the outer wall and offers visitors a glimpse inside the plant.

The centrepieces of the Düdingen district heating project are two Schmid wood firing system, which generate 20,000 MWh of thermal energy per year. In addition to numerous private households, the community of Düdingen will also connect its own buildings to the district heating network.

The aim is to produce electricity as well as heat. To this end, one of the wood firing systems will be combined with an externally fired turbine. This hot air turbine drives a generator with an electrical capacity of 100 kW. Through heat recovery and using the turbine's exhaust air as combustion air, the plant achieves an overall efficiency of 77%.