Energy Strategy 2050 points the way

In 2011, the Federal Council and Parliament decided that Switzerland will gradually phase out nuclear energy. As a result of this decision, as well as various other profound changes in the international energy arena over the years, the Swiss energy system will need to be restructured step by step. The Federal Council has developed Energy Strategy 2050 for this purpose.
As part of Energy Strategy 2050's initial package of measures, the Federal Council intends to support flagship projects with the aim of making the new strategy visible.

As "transparent workshops", the SFOE flagship projects are intended to generate widespread awareness at national and, if possible, international level and allow people to experience the energy future of Switzerland directly. In addition to private companies and research institutions, public entities are also involved in the implementation.

The SFOE flagship projects demonstrate innovative energy solutions that point the way in a technological, ecological and social sense and help make Swiss energy innovations marketable. The spotlight is on key technologies that revolve around energy efficiency, renewable energy as well as networks and storage technology.

The Schmid hot air turbine uses the heat generated from the combustion of wood chips to produce electricity. The refinement of this innovative technology under real conditions was one of the first projects in Switzerland to be adopted in the flagship programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.