HLT-100 Compact hot air turbine

Schmid has developed the hot air turbine specifically for small, decentralised power stations. It thereby enables energy to be generated from wood in the smaller operating range from a thermal offtake of 400 kW.

Due to their complexity and maintenance requirements, other systems – such as ORC systems or steam turbines – only become worthwhile as large-scale systems with a thermal capacity above 2 MW. In many cases, heat offtake all year round cannot be ensured for such high capacities. The hot air turbine therefore fills the gap in the smaller operating range.


1. Combustion chamber

Based on the proven moving grate furnace UTSR. The design was changed, so that the chamber is able to hold the large volumes of gas.

2. Turbine
The micro gas turbine rotates at 50'000 revolutions per minute and drives the compressor and generator.

3. Heat exchanger
The TÜV-tested hot gas heat exchanger can withstand temperatures of up to 850°C.

4. Economiser
In this economiser, the flue gas is cooled down further and used to generate warm water.


Technical data

Fuel untreated wood chips efficiency 35 – 55
Combustion chamber Schmid Moving Grate UTSR 1200
Combustion capacity 820 kW
Turbine designed for inlet temperature of 500°C, 28'000 rpm
Flue gas cleaning multi-cyclone and electrostatic precipitator
Thermal capacity 465 kW
Electrical capacity 80 – 105 kW gross
Own consumption – 18 kW
Electrical efficiency 13 %
Thermal efficiency 63 % (incl. exhaust air use)
Overall efficiency 76 %
Required space 8 m x 4 m x 8 m


The maximum electrical capacity depends on the location, i.e. on the local altitude, air pressure, temperature and humidity.