A Turbine That Offers More Than Just Hot Air

From fireplaces to large heating plants - wood has always been used to generate heat. In addition to heat production, wood can also be used to produce electricity. Hot air turbines use heated air from a furnace that is fed via a turbine and converted into electricity by the connected generator. The considerable residual heat is then used to produce hot water. The new technology is suitable for use in central locations of district heating networks – or in industrial and service operations that are focused on self-sufficiency of heat and electricity. Technical report: www.bfe.admin.ch/CT/biomasse

Installation moving grate firing system UTSR

On 26 january 2015 the first firing system from Schmid energy solutions was delivered on site. On 12 february 2015 the installation of a SCHMID moving grate firing system UTSR with a thermal output of 2 MW will be completed.

Start of construction

First steps were taken. The team started successfully with the excavation for the district heating in Düdingen.

State-of-the-art innovation

With the “HLT-100 compact” hot air turbine, electricity can be generated with a wood firing system from a thermal off- take of 300 kW. Due to their complexity and maintenance requirements, other systems – such as ORC systems or steam turbines – only become worthwhile as large-scale systems with a thermal capacity above 2 MW. In many cases, heat offtake all year round cannot be ensured for such high capacities. The hot air turbine therefore fills the gap in the smaller operating range.

Area of application
■  Heating systems with constant thermal offtake of at least 300 kW (e.g. a heating network with a heat requirement     of over 300kW during the summer months)

■  Base load boiler in combination with a peak time boiler

Ground-breaking ceremony 24 April 2014

Groupe E, Schmid energy solutions, the community of Düdingen and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) celebrated the official start of the district heating project in Düdingen.